About the RA+BP

The Organization

First established in 2009 under Mayor James J. Kennedy, the Rahway Arts District (its original moniker) was organized to promote and enhance the business, educational, civic and cultural life of the Special Improvement District of Rahway.

If you are looking to move into the SID area or if you would like to learn more about the RABP, please contact us at

What We Do
  • Create a diverse, vibrant and economically and socially sound community within Rahway.
  • Develop activities and programs that encourage the long­term success of the art community.
  • Promote awareness of the value of the arts and directly support arts programs that encourage the diversity of Rahway citizens and businesses and their participation in the successful development of Rahway.
  • Create and encourage an atmosphere that builds strong arts organizations and increases the community and business appeal of Rahway.
Who We Are

Board of Trustees
President – Joel Schwartz­
Vice President – Larry Fishman­
Treasurer – Ron Dolce­
Trustee – Rosalyn Smith
Trustee – Patricia Maye
Trustee – Matt Dobrowolski
Trustee – Danni Newbury


Artistic Director – Amy Garcia Phillips­­
Business Manager – Gina Rodriguez­­

If you are a Rahway business owner looking for help getting started or promoting your establishment, please contact Business Manager, Gina Rodriguez at

If you are an artist looking to make Rahway your home, please see our Local Artists, Local Venues Program* or contact Artistic Director, Amy Garcia Phillips at