Shopping in Rahway

Rahway is home to a wide variety of retail stores.

Akisha Food Market
1533 Main Street

Atelier Rosel
74 E Cherry Street
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Azteca Food Market & Deli
1534 Irving Street

Beverly Sweets Shoppe
1413 Main Street

Bridges Book Shop
1480 Main Street

Cherry Street
Farmer’s Market

66-70 East Cherry Street

Closet Chic
1567 Irving Street
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Cold & Hot Food Mart
45 East Milton Ave

Cultured Expressions
1417 Main Street
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El Almacen
Grocery & Convenience

1586 Irving Street

Express News Café
59 East Cherry Street

Fit to be Ties
1572 Elizabeth Ave
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Fresh Fish Market
90 East Cherry Street
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Garden State News
1457 Irving Street

The Gilded Lillie
1433 Main Street

Grace Beauty Supply
43 East Cherry Street

Hannum’s Harley Davidson
12 West Milton Ave
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Herbal Habits

97 Elm Street

Humbly Bold
1663 Irving Street
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Kat’s Vintage & Chic Boutique
1546 Irving Street
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Main Street Spirits
1537 Main Street

Metro PCS
67 East Milton Ave
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Rahway Kitty Hall
209 West Main Street
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St. George’s Art Glass Studio
1659 Irving Street

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The litehouse

1483 Main Street

Every effort was made to include downtown Rahway establishments in this directory.
Please contact to provide updated information for your establishment.